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Thank you for visiting our blog cuatrochurros.com. We aim to give you advice on visiting Toledo to take advantage of its rich heritage and hidden treasures which are yet to be explored.

Who are we?

Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves:


I’m a Toledana born and raised and although I’ve spent some time away from the city, something about it always drew me back. It’s where I spent the first few years of my history degree and where I now work as a teacher and share my love for the city with my pupils. The birth of my son led me to meet a very important friend of mine, Madoka, who I started this project with. As well as history, I like to travel, cook, read and restore things that are lying around. I hope that through this blog you can get to know my city and above all else, discover things about it that you never knew before.


I’m from Tokyo and I’ve lived in Spain for over twenty years – my eldest child who is fruit of my time in Toledo is already 21 years old. I currently live with my husband, three children and dog Kokotaro in Madrid working as a translator, literary agent and in the world of web development. I love to read, make sweets, play with Koko and do yoga. What is my dream for the blog? I’d love to head to Toledo for a week and find the perfect yoga spots to share with you all.

Our colaborators:


I’m a British law and Spanish student who’s just got back from a year studying in Madrid. During my time there I happened to meet a Toledana who helped me fall in love with the city. I love history, politics and learning languages. Through my role translating the blog into English, I hope to be able to share Toledo with people who aren’t lucky enough to speak Spanish or Japanese.

Fernando Tello

I was born in Toledo in 1976. I’m an engineer, high school photography teacher and music lover who loves to learn something new every day. My thirst for knowledge motivates me to wake up every day and seek new challenges to improve in the things I love. I’ve managed to bring together my two passions, live music and photography, to achieve things I never thought possible. I play Nirvana, the Pixies or Radiohead on my turntable while I snap some photos with my Nikon.

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