In Search of Toledo’s Origins

High above the River Tagus you’ll find El Cerro del Bu Archaeological Site – a strategic and natural defense point occupied for millennia. The earliest remains are flint carvings with a dubious chronology. The Bronze Age is best documented with the discovery of shacks and evidence of sheep and cattle husbandry and an accompanying rural economy. The hill was also occupied during the Medieval Era during the period of Arab rule, functioning as a strategic military base.

The excavation site was declared a Site of Cultural Interest (Bien de Interés Cultural) in 1992. You can get here by car or on foot via a pleasant route traversing the valley. Entrance is free and it is a great place to enjoy stunning views of Toledo. The Consorcio de Toledo arranges both self-guided and guided tours.

Phone Number: +34925253080

En este yacimiento puedes descubrir los primeros asentamientos de la zona