¡Christmas Arrives in Toledo!

Las luces navideñas en Toledo - cuatrochurros.com

The Christmas lights are already up in Toledo and it’s worth taking a stroll through the old town to take in its Christmas decorations which give an air of magic to the city. The most dazzling decorations can be found at Plaza de Zocodover, Calle Ancha (known to Toledanos as “Calle Comercio” or Commerce Street) and Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

The tradition of hanging Christmas lights has its origins three years after the invention of the light bulb by Edison. It was in fact his partner Edward Johnson who in 1882 first decided to illuminate the Christmas tree at his New York home with some incandescent lamps, thus starting off one of the most popular Christmas traditions.

A lovely walk to see the Christmas lights at Plaza de Zocodover.