Corpus Christi in Toledo

(Fotos: Ignacio López//JCCM)

One of Toledo’s biggest events is the celebration of Corpus Christi. The city is decorated to an extent that makes it even more beautiful than normal, with its covered streets, flowers and banners. It is an iteration of Toledo that appeals to the senses: with its scents of thyme and bright colours, it is truly magical and takes you back to the Middle Ages.

Corpus Christi has been celebrated in Toledo since the 14th century, when processions with the Body of Christ (the Holy Sacrament) began to take place through the streets of the city. The procession involves brotherhoods, associations, public institutions and private corporations with both military and civilian bands, presided over by the Archbishop of the city.

The Holy Sacrament is displayed in the processional monstrance, which is a true gem of Toledo. The monstrance was created by Enrique de Arfe in the 16th century, depicting a large openwork Gothic tower made of gilded (gold-plated) silver and adorned with precious stones and small sculptures.

The route of the procession is covered by canopies to protect the Holy Sacrament and the streets filled with strongly-scented plants, wreaths, lanterns, bouquets, precious fabrics, traditional shawls, flags and many other decorations.

It’s a spectacle not to be missed, so come and spend Corpus Christi in Toledo. Without a doubt it will be an unforgettable experience.

(Fotos: Ignacio López//JCCM)Corpus Christi in Toledo