Magnificent Views of Toledo from El Valle

Next time you’re in Toledo don’t miss the chance to enjoy spectacular views of the city from the viewpoint at El Valle. From here you can truly appreciate the strategic value of the city. Built upon a crag and encased by the River Tagus, the city is an almost impenetrable fortress. Reaching out above the rest of the skyline are the Alcázar (citadel) and the cathedral with its 90 metre high tower.

You can get to the viewpoint by car if you have one but there are also other options via the tourist buses and trains (although you are limited by their timetables). If you fancy a good walk you can get there on foot.

Nearby there is a small picnic area if you fancy bringing some food along with you. It’s a perfect spot to bring the kids with spectacular views and plenty of open space for them to run around. If you need a drink there are two options – Kiosko Base and a little further on Parador.

Enjoy the amazing views whilst having something to eat or drink