An explosion of flavour and contrast of textures at the Escuela de Hostelería

We want to show you a place which is so much more than simply a place to eat, providing you with an experience that neither you nor your tastebuds will forget. We are of course talking about the Escuela de Hostelería (Culinary School). You can taste high-quality dishes based on local products and wash them down with the best wines Castilla La Mancha has to offer. This truly is the ideal place to enjoy the fusion of flavours and contrast of textures that the region’s cuisine has available.

The menu consists of fifteen dishes, exquisite in both presentation and taste, that are bound to blow you away. Every three months the menu is updated with new food on offer. At the time of writing (October 2020), the food on offer consisted of: poultry consommé with chopped vegetables; carcamusas (a traditional pork and vegetable stew) with brioche and coriander; partridge carbonara fritters (buñuelos de perdiz a la carbonara); rice with mushrooms; tuna steaks with black garlic, hazelnuts and pickled vegetables and cheese and red cabbage tart, among others. This is just a small sample of the variety of flavours and colours on offer, accompanied by attentive service from both teachers and students alike. The fifteen-course menu is priced at €35 (including VAT).

When planning your next trip to Toledo, the Escuela de Hostelería should be at the top of your culinary to-do list. The restauraunt can be found at 30 Avenida de Castilla la Mancha. Reservations can be made by calling +34 925 257 729 or contacting the team at (general enquiries) and (restaurant-related queries) as well as their website.

Opening times vary depending on whether you fancy lunch or dinner, with lunchtime dining available Tuesday-Sunday from 14.15 to 15.15 and dinner Fridays and Saturdays 21.00 till 22.00. Hours are currently available for the October to June period with times likely to differ during the summer months.

Come to Toledo and don’t miss this gastronomic experience – you won’t be disappointed!