How to Get to and Around Toledo

Viaje a Toledo -

Toledo is located in the centre of the Iberian peninsula and next door to Madrid making it extremely well connected to the country’s road network but also with great options to come by bus and train from the capital.

If you come by car we’d advise you to park outside of the historic centre. There is free parking near the escalators which provide access to the city centre. If you’d still rather park around the centre, there are paid parking options as well as the blue and orange parking zones (look out for the green zones which are for residents only). The best option is definitely the first one as after a short 15 minute walk you’ll be right in the centre.

You can also get here by bus. Assuming you’re coming from Madrid the best option is catching the bus from Plaza Elíptica and catching a bus with ALSA to Toledo. It takes around 50 minutes and costs €5.47 for a single or €9.99 return. Here you’ll find a link to the timetable.

Another option is coming by train. The trainline Avant offers connections from the Puerta de Atocha in Madrid and arrives in Toledo within thirty minutes for a price of €8.35. On this website you’ll find its timetable.

At both the bus and train stations there are taxis, local bus routes and in the case of the train station, the tourist bus. If you’d rather go on foot you can get to the historic centre in around 20 to 30 minutes.

So there you have it. As you can see, Toledo is extremely well connected giving you no excuse not to make your wish list one item shorter and finally make it to the city. Book that ticket now, you won’t regret it!