Toledan Marzipan

Mazapán de Toledo -

Marzipan is one of the desserts most widely associated with Toledo. It is usually something that we eat around Christmas time but you can give it a try year round. It seems to have its origins during Arab rule in the 8th century, with the first known recipe being from 1525. The recipe is simple, consisting of two ingredients: almonds and sugar. Legend has it that it was invented by the nuns of the Saint Clement Convent during a severe food shortage when the city was under siege by the Moors. Crushing the only two ingredients they could get their hands on, almonds and sugar, they created “pan de maza” – marzipan. 

Make sure to try it, you’ll end up loving it!

Una variación de mazapán
A fruit-shaped variation of marzipan.