A Fairytale Palace

One of our favourite spots in Toledo is the Princesa Galiana Palace. Also known as the King’s Orchard, the site straddles the Tagus near the city’s train station. It’s one of those hidden treasures that is so magical you’ll struggle not to come back.

The tranquil spot is perfect to visit with kids. It was made in the Mudjéjar Style (unique to the Iberian peninsula of the 12th to the 16th century, incorporating both Christian and Islamic designs). It was most likely built by King Galafre for his daughter Galiana in the late 13th or early 14th century. However, other theories include that it was a place of leisure for Al-Mamun, the Taifa King of Toledo.

The whole site is surrounded by lush gardens, ponds and fountains. It used to be home to a Clepsydra (the common name for a water clock). Built by Azarquiel, it told the time according to the phases of the moon and remained in place until the reign of Alfonso VII, who took it apart to study how it worked in order to replicate it throughout his Kingdom.

What really interests us, in addition to the monument, are the beautiful legends that the palace houses. One of the best known stories refers to the romance between Princess Galiana and Carlos, son of the King of the Francs. (For a deeper explanation of the legend in Spanish please visit this link: https://www.misteriosdetoledo.com/la-princesa-galiana/)

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The Princess Galiana Palace

Visiting Hours:  Wednesdays 9:00 till 13:00.

Entry: Free

Recommendation: book your visit in advance by sending an email to:  eventos@palaciodegaliana.es (especially pertinent due to the current COVID-19 pandemic).