Toledo As a Couple: A Romantic Weekend in the City of Three Cultures

Toledo has been chosen as the perfect destination for travelling as a couple. If your plan is a romantic getaway, here are a few ideas to make sure your trip to the city is truly unforgettable.

There is no better site for a romantic trip than the fairytale city of Toledo. With so much on offer you’ll feel like you barely scratched the surface after your visit yet Toledo is also compact enough to allow you to stroll around at your own pace.

We have an itinerary planned for a weekend-long romantic getaway. If you arrive on Friday, the first thing to do is head to your accommodation. Toledo has hotels, tourist lets and hostels on offer throughout the city and for any budget. The perfect plan for your first day is to take a walk through the labyrinth of Toledo’s narrow, Moor-era streets and take in everything that we recommend you in “Wander Through Toledo“. After a romantic stroll, you can top off the day with a unique culinary experience, for example, in the Sánchez Beato Restaurant. Afterwards, head to the El Valle viewpoint to see a panoramic view of Toledo in all its glory. The city’s biggest attractions are lit up on Friday and Sunday from sunset until midnight and Saturday until 1 a.m. The Alcázar and the Cathedral are illuminated every day of the week.

On Saturday, make sure to have a lie-in and a hearty breakfast as we have a long day ahead of us. If your accommodation doesn’t provide breakfast we recommend eating at Kiosko Catalino where you can enjoy delicious churros and porras (larger, thicker churros). You’ll find it at La Vega park with magnificent views of the Puerta de Bisagra, the monumental city gate. Another option is Nuevo Almacén, at the heart of the old town near Plaza de Zocodover. It offers a mouth-watering breakfast at a decent price until midday.

After breakfast it’s time for a stroll around the city. You can start at Zocodover Square and from there head through the Arco de la Sangre. Carry on until reaching the Alcántara Gate and the bridge of the same name. It’s then worth having a gander at the train station, well worth a visit due to its impressive Mudejar architecture. From there, carry on until you get to the Palacio de Galiana. The romantic spot is host to many a love story such as the one between Galiana the governor’s daughter and Don Carlos son of the king of the Franks.

From there we’ll head back to the old town either by catching one of the many buses that traverse the city or the tour bus that you can catch from the train station. Another option is to use the escalators that take you up to El Miradero where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the city.

There’s a lot on offer for lunch. We recommend trying carcamusas or perdiz a la toledana (Toledo-style partridge).

When you fancy a coffee, head up to the café of the Biblioteca Regional del Alcázar. As well as the views the fortress has to offer, the building also houses the military museum which is well worth a visit.

After an exhausting day and before dinner, we recommend a relaxing break in a Hamman or thermal baths. There are plenty to choose from such as the Arab baths in the old town. When it’s time to see the sunset, make a beeline for the Mirador de La Ermita de La Virgen de la Cabeza. A hidden gem and largely unknown to tourists, the site hosts beautiful views of Toledo. A nice option is making a picnic and watching the sun set over the city.

On Sunday we’ll visit the most landmark-filled part of Toledo. We recommend a visit to the 13th-century Gothic cathedral, followed by San Juan de los Reyes, a late-Gothic era church and host to many weddings. From there you can head down to the San Martin Bridge and see the Baño de la Cava, also host to its own romantic myth which you can read about here if you speak Spanish: Walking along the river is a beautiful experience not to be missed.

Come and spend a romantic weekend in Toledo! You won’t regret it!