A Day in Toledo

Toledo has a lot to offer, whether it’s history, art, culture or gastronomy that you’re looking for. In this city you can spend several days enjoying everything on offer, but if you only have one day to spare we are going to suggest an itinerary to get to know the most iconic monuments and hidden corners that you simply can’t miss.

We begin our route at one of the city’s gates, the imposing Puerta de Bisagra. If you’re an early-riser we suggest having some churros and porras (larger, thicker churros) for breakfast at Catalino, a stand in the Parque de La Vega where as well as enjoying a good breakfast you can admire the magnificent gateway to the imperial city.

Once we’ve recharged our batteries we can begin our trip by going through the Puerta de Bisagra, taking us into the old town. The first thing you’ll see on your right is the Church of Santiago el Mayor (also known as Santiago del Arrabal) and beyond that the Puerta del Sol. Near the gate you’ll find the Roman sewers. Click here to familiarise yourself with Roman Toledo.

Next to the sewers there are some stairs that take you directly to the Bab-al Mardum Gate and the Mosque of the same name. From there, continue walking and you’ll arrive at Zocodover Square. The lively site used to host an Arab market (“Zoco” means bazaar in Spanish) and to this day is the place to be in the city. It is the perfect spot for having a coffee and watching the goings-on of the city. Another option is to head up to the café of the Biblioteca Regional which is located in the Alcázar (the city fortress) and admire the stunning views. Since you’re already in the building we recommend visiting the Museo del Ejército (military museum) which is also on-site.

Afterwards, stroll along Calle Comercio or, as we locals call it, calle ancha (wide street), where you’ll find lots of shops selling arts, crafts and other local products. If you need tips on what to buy in Toledo see the post “Handcrafted Souvenirs from Toledo“.

As you continue strolling down the street you will arrive at Plaza del Ayuntameinto and the Catedral Primada. The Gothic building will leave you lost for words and is the perfect photo opportunity.

When you start getting peckish, Toledo’s many restaurants won’t disappoint. Make sure to try carcamusas or bombas and marzipan for dessert. To find out more about these iconic dishes click on the links above. Rest assured that you will soon recover your strength and be ready to soldier on.

There’s something to be said for just wandering around and taking in everything the city has to offer. Just by doing this, you will be able to witness countless things as you explore as we tell you in the post “Wander Through Toledo“.

Cary on until you reach the Jewish Quarter and and the Church of San Juan de los Reyes. From there you can leave the city through the Cambrón Gate and see the San Martín Bridge and the Tagus River.

To finish off the day in this beautiful city we suggest you go up to the Mirador del Valle viewpoint and watch the sun set over the city.

You can dine at the many restaurants that Toledo has on offer, and after spending a day in this World Heritage city you’ll be dying to come back because there is still so much to visit.