Wht should I wear when visiting Toledo?

Toledo’s position high up in the mountains means that we get every type of weather you can think of. There are four clearly defined seasons so it’s important to think about what to wear before you reach the city. If you’re coming during winter wrap up warm. Winters here are cold and dry so wear lots of layers, a hat, scarf and gloves definitely won’t be missed – especially on a foggy day. It’s the complete opposite in summer. It’s extremely hot, especially around midday, so make sure to wear light clothing to be able to bear the summer heat.

If you come in spring or autumn, it’s worth bringing lots of layers. The weather changes at a moment’s notice and being able to put clothes on as you please will make life easier. Toledo isn’t exactly known for being a rainy city, but it won’t hurt to be prepared for the worst.

Last but not least, don’t forget footwear. A good pair of shoes will make the hills and cobbled streets just that bit easier, and after a long day walking you’ll appreciate the extra support to help you truly enjoy the city.